Geographically Montenegro Belongs to the central Mediterranean. To the South by sea borders Italy to the east and North with Serbia and Albania to the South, on the west by Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

The Territory of Montenegro - 13,938 Montenegrin coast - 293 km. Language in Montenegro - Serbian. Population Montenegro - 650,000 Capital Montenegro - Podgorica, the old Capital of Cetinje. Religion in Montenegro - Orthodox Christianity. Montenegro currency - the Euro.

On the border between East and West, in the heart of the Mediterranean, overlooking the entrance to one of the most beautiful bays in the world-Bok Kotor - Herceg Novi.Okruzhenny located city walls and fortresses shestovekovymi he testifies to its rich history, culture , nature and beauty prekrvsnoy.

On the streets, built in 1382 in A Long. year changed many Peoples and Civilizations, Leaving A Deep mark and making Herceg Novi Meeting Place of different Cultures, Customs and ideas. Given the very Rich Maritime Proud tradition of captains Whose Were Ahead of Sailboats the world fleet, and the city today lives on the sea and from the sea.

More than 200 days A year sunshine doused His quiet area, stairs and gardens and That is why this city has the Highest Average temperature in the Adriatic and is A city with A Mediterranean climate with dry and warm Summers and mild Winters. Its Shores are bathed dark-blue sea of color, where you can swim within five months of the year when the water temperature up to 28 º C.

In areas beyond the bank length is longer than 50 km, with a sandy, gravel, mud and medicinal beaches, swim in the sea with stones and romantic lagoons surrounded by pine trees, olive trees and Tamaris, chain introduced a Mediterranean village, whose old olive oil mills still squeezed ancient way, stored in the cellars of samagon Magin, on wooden farm prosciutto hanging in the shade in the open Maestrale dried cheese.

Above the town is dominated by the summit of Mount Orjen, in the depths of which are traces of prehistoric cultures and network labeled zones for pedestrians, ideal for recreational mountain adventures for fans of amazing panoramas and natural contrasts.

Landscapes of the city except the Mediterranean flora, decorated with exotic wood and 250 species of plants brought from all over the world who make Herceg Novi unique botanical garden.

In Herceg Novi priezhay three international airports: Tivat, Podgorica, Cilipi (Croatia).